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25-Excuses to Workout Today!

There are always excuses "not" to workout on any given day. That's why I often do early morning workouts so that I don't have the entire day to talk myself out of it. What if there were excuses to work out?

That could be the thing to get you going today! First of all, this list is downloadable for offline use and printable, so that you can print the list and put it on your fridge, in your car, or anywhere you'll see it all the time. Seeing it is believing it!

To earn desired results to working out, you'll want to be sure to workout at least four days a week, alternating both cardio and strength training. I always recommend finding your perfect time to workout too.

For me, it is often first thing in the morning, because then I am least likely to make up excuses why I can't workout. To find your perfect workout time, the prime time that is going to fit into your lifestyle, I recommend experimenting with different times and seeing which one naturally sticks.

When you find yourself, working out at approximately the same time consistently, then you have found your perfect workout schedule. Believe it or not, this will make a huge difference, and help you stick with your workouts.

If you find you can work out anyplace, anytime, anywhere, then consider yourself one of the lucky few! If a mixed up routine keeps you from getting bored, use that to your advantage and jump around a little. It's about striking the right balance for you!

  1. You'll instantly feel better about yourself!
  2. It will instantly improve your mood
  3. It will wake you up if you're feeling sleepy 
  4. It will make your tummy flat and toned
  5. It will get rid of belly bloat
  6. It will make you want to eat healthy for the rest of the day 
  7. You'll sleep better tonight
  8. You might get compliments today
  9. It will make your skin glow
  10. It will get all those icky toxins out of your body!
  11. You'll be one day closer to being bikini ready
  12. Your clothes will fit better
  13. You'll have no regrets
  14.  It will infuse your with a creative spark
  15. It will help you work through your problems
  16. It will get the negative "crap" off your mind
  17. You'll be able to say you worked out today and mean it
  18.  It will boost your confidence into overdrive
  19.  It will help you feel more relaxed
  20.  You'll get rid of all the tension in your body
  21. Allergies and sinuses will instantly improve
  22.  It will help you focus on your work
  23. It will make you stronger, mentally and physically
  24.  It will aid in getting rid of the bags under your eyes
  25. You'll be a good role model for your loved ones

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